Episode 40

How To Correctly Use Who and Whom


November 12th, 2020

18 mins 55 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In high school, choosing between who and whom was very difficult for me. But once I learned a simple trick, this became one of the easiest things in the English language. In this episode, we dive back into the English section of the ACT and learn when to pick who and when to choose whom.

  1. Louis Zamporini is a man _ I respect.
  2. It was King Henry VIII _ had six wives.
  3. I talked with Teresa _ was trying to paint the walls of her new living room.
  4. There is the new student _ you were asking about.
  5. For _ did Molly vote?
  6. _ will give the graduation speech on Friday evening?
  7. Our new neighbor, _ we met yesterday morning, works at Conoco.
  8. With _ are you rooming with for your freshman year at college?

  9. whom 2. who 3. who 4. whom 5. whom 6. Who 7. whom 8. whom

He gave it to John and me/I.

John and me/I went to the game.

Between you and me/I, let's keep that a secret.