Episode 27

8 Places Where You Can Find Mentorship for Your Test Prep and Scholarship Journey


August 13th, 2020

31 mins 35 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Do you wonder what to do next to raise your scores and win scholarships? Do you ever feel alone in your journey? Everyone needs mentors in life and in the pursuit of test prep, scholarships, and careers. In this episode, I’ll talk about different places to find mentorship and why mentorship is so important.

  1. HS Counselors
  2. Teachers
  3. Tech Center Counselors
  4. College Admissions and Scholarship Offices
  5. Business Leaders - Especially those involved in scholarships and community programs
  6. Fellow Parents
  7. Co-Ops
  8. Coaching/Mastermind Groups Chad Cargill's Test Prep Academy

Mastermind Group Details:
Parents of Seniors Class of 2021 (Limited to 10)
Parents of Juniors Class of 2022 (Limited to 10)
Parents of Sophomores and Freshmen Class of 2023 & 2024 (Limited to 10)

Join up to 9 other parents to navigate your student's year of high school. You'll get personal access to Chad Cargill as well as a community of like-minded parents working together to help our students raise ACT scores and win scholarships. You can cancel your membership at any time. Benefits include:

Each Semester One Personal Video Call with Chad Cargill
-You will join Chad in a video call to discuss your specific questions and test-prep plan.

-Discuss your goals, analyze your ACT scores, talk about your college plans, and examine future steps.

Each Month a 1-hour Group Video Call with Chad Cargill and Fellow Masterminds
-Be encouraged and challenged by Chad and fellow masterminds.

-Discuss challenges, opportunities, blockers, and goals.

-Collaborate with other masterminds and ask Chad questions.

One Resume or Scholarship Application Review by Chad Cargill
-Drawing on his experience directing scholarship committees at both the university and local levels, work in corporate recruiting, and advising scholarship graders, Chad will analyze your student's resume/scholarship app.

-Optimize the wording on your leadership and community service projects.

-Prioritize what should and should not be included.

Direct Access to Chad Cargill and Other Masterminds through Discord Messaging Group
-Access the live messaging group through Discord messaging app.

-Build community with other masterminds by posting your questions, successes, ideas, and encouragements.

-Ask questions on dedicated channels including Scholarships, ACT Tests, College Visits, and more.

-Post on your hotseat channel monthly goals, questions, and updates.

50% Discount on All Online Courses in the Chad Cargill Test Prep Online Academy
-Purchase any course in the academy for half the regular price.

-Take your ACT Prep to the next level as Chad teaches in-depth workshops on specific sections of the ACT and scholarships.

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