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Chad Cargill took the ACT test 18 times in high school raising his score 13 points and scoring in the 99.5 percentile. He is the nation's leading ACT test prep workshop presenter having taught nearly 250,000 students over the last 32 years. He travels the Midwest each school day teaching students, faculty, and parents how to beat the ACT. His full workshop schedule can be found at calendar.chadcargill.com. His website is chadcargill.com.

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  • 60: From DRC Congo to America: Creed's Graduation Speech

    June 2nd, 2022  |  Season 3  |  6 mins 59 secs
    congo, drc, graduation

    From a kid growing up in extreme poverty to now living in the United States, my son Creed gives his 6th-grade elementary graduation speech.

  • 59: ACT's Great Inflation - A Rant

    November 12th, 2021  |  Season 3  |  18 mins 28 secs
    act, cost, inflation, rant, scholarship

    You are paying more for everything in 2021. While inflation in the United States runs rampant, ACT is fully on-board participating in the great rate hike of 2021. Hold on to your wallets! ACT is about to make bank off of you, and colleges are doing the same.